Why A Straight Razor Shave?

Straight Razor Shaving

Barbering expert Glenda provides a hot towel and a close razor shave.

Barbering expert Glenda provides a hot towel and a close razor shave.

Whether you want to look your best for a job interview or you just want to impress the ladies, a clean shave is one way to show off that you’re a professional, attractive man who cares about your appearance. A great shave performed by your tonsorial is a relaxing experience. But why bother paying for a traditional, old-fashioned straight razor shave over using your regular razor at home? Let’s start with the experience of a traditional shave.

When you opt for a Traditional Hot lather shave, you have countless options as to how you want it shaped, and exactly what you want shaved. It’s a totally custom process, and your barber has the skills to pull it off. By selecting a traditional, straight-blade razor shave that your barber at the Cedar Ridge Salon offers, you will get a smooth shave that you can’t get from the typical disposable razors that you use at home.

A straight blade shave begins with softening your whiskers. Your barber will press a hot towel against your face to accomplish this feat (you’ll find this surprisingly relaxing). A layer of shaving cream will then be applied, and this cream is not like the green or blue goop that you slop on your face at home. Instead, it uses advanced ingredients that smell fresh and manly, and it will help to reduce redness and irritation.

After the tonsorial applies the shaving cream, she will then begin to shave you. Because of the type of razor that the barber uses, you will get a clean shave that is more accurate and closer to the skin than the razors that you may use at home. You’ll find that this type of shave takes a bit longer than when you shave at home. This is because a wet shave is done gradually, rather than hacking all of the hair off at once.

Some guys choose to do the old-school shave before major events like weddings or job interviews, but others know the value of a great old-fashioned shave and treat themselves on a regular basis. The end result is your face looking younger, cleaner and smoother. You get to be clean-shaven without unsightly in-grown hairs and razor rash, and you will have a shave that lasts longer than the shaves you give yourself at home.

A traditional hot lather shave with a straight razor is an experience every man should have at least once in their lives, if not regularly. You work hard. You’ve earned it.