Cutting & Styling

Dedicated and Professional

Each one of our stylists is dedicated to give you a professional & personal experience. We wish to provide you with a haircut suited to your lifestyle and interests.


Our cutting and styling services are done by talented stylists who care for their clients.  We take time with each of our clients to give them the best style for their hair texture, facial features, wants and lifestyle needs.

At Cedar Ridge Salon, we use our expertise to suggest the perfect hairstyles and cuts that are current and customized for you.


Hot Towel & Straight Razor Shaves!

The Barber Service Experience at the Cedar Ridge Salon is something that you and your children will remember for a long time. Lose yourself in a genuine old-fashioned – yet thoroughly modern – honest-to-golly barber service. Come in today for a hot towel shave and a real barber’s haircut!

Also see: Why A Straight Razor Shave?

Call us today at (530) 272-2557 for an appointment.

All services include courtesy general facial grooming (eyebrows, ear, nose trim)

Groom and Event Packages available.


Discover the many benefits of professional massage!
Massage therapy has benefits that have stood the test of time. People are constantly searching for new ways to slow down and relieve the stress of today’s busy schedules and demanding careers. The advantages of receiving regular massages go beyond a luxurious relaxation treatment; regular massages help boost your health and wellness.


Here are just a few of the many benefits massage has to offer:

Stress Relief: It is found that 90% of disease is stress related. Massage can help increase blood circulation, allowing more oxygen and nutrients it reach your body’s tissues. Which can lead to lower heart rates, blood pressure and overall health? It also helps reduce stress and anxiety by relaxing the mind and body. It can create a feeling of wellbeing and higher self-esteem.

Postural Stress Relief: Most individuals are dealing from some sort of postural stress from long lengths of sitting. Desk workers most commonly experience this. It can show up as pain or weakness in the low back and hips.

Improved Sleep: Massage can encourage restful sleep and helps those who are unable to comfortably sleep.

Immunity Boost: Regular massage may help to strengthen the immune system by stimulating the Lymphatic system, the defender of the immune system.

Skin Benefits: Massage improves blood circulation, increases cell nutrition and encourages cell regeneration. It also improves elasticity of the skin.

Cedar Ridge Salon is proud to offer an experienced and professional massage therapist for our customers. Click on her name to view her page and information on her personal style and experience.

Jamie Youngflesh


Eyelash Extensions

Transform Your Eyes With Xtreme Lashes Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions!

Professional Eyelash Extensions by Cedar Ridge Salon

Eyelash Extensions Will Transform Your Eyes

Xtreme Lashes Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions are single or multiple strands of synthetic eyelashes applied to a single natural eyelash, creating a longer, fuller and darker lash look. With hundreds of lengths, thicknesses, lash curvatures and colors to choose from, our Lash Stylist Lisa Ceselini can customize a set of semi-permanent lashes specifically for your eyes. See the Before & After photos at the bottom of this page.

Eyelash Extensions

5 Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

1) Instant gratification with lasting results.

2) A youthful transformation after one relaxing appointment.

3) Customizable (natural or dramatic) to your eyes.

4) Water-resistant. Shower, swim and spa worry-free.

5) Weightless, comfortable to wear and easy to maintain.

Who Are Eyelash Extensions For?

Eyelash Extensions are for anyone wanting eyelashes that are longer, fuller, darker and more beautiful. With Xtreme Lashes Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions, you can wake up each day with beautiful eyes and little or no need to adjust your lifestyle. They are ideal for everyday wear and special occasions alike (weddings, honeymoon, vacations, events, etc.). You can sleep, shower, swim and spa worry-free!

How Long Do They Last?

Indefinitely with routine re-lashes. Typically, you lose an eyelash extension every time a natural eyelash sheds. With routine re-lashing, new extensions can be applied to new natural eyelashes to maintain your original look.

How Much Do They Cost?

Service Price
Full Volume Set
3 hours and over 100 lashes per eye.
Full Set (2.5 hours) $225
2 Week Fill (45 minutes) $75
3 Week Fill (1 hour) $75+
4 Week Fill (1 hour) $100
Volume Fill (1 hour) $100
Transfer Client Fill (1 hour)
From another salon. First time only.

Lisa Ceselini, Professional Lash Stylist

Lisa Cecelini, Lash Stylist

Lisa Ceselini is a trained, Professional Lash Stylist. She is here to consult with you on the look you want for your eyes. Give her a call today for information and a consultation: (530) 272-2557

Eyelash Extensions

Lashes Before and After

Indian Clay Facials

The Tiger's Eye Skincare : A Natural Skin Renewal & Maintenance System

Indian Clay Facials by Cedar Ridge Salon

A Natural Skin Renewal and Maintenance System

Lisa Ceselini is now providing all-natural Indian Clay Skincare Services at Cedar Ridge Salon!

The Tiger’s Eye Method line of products provide you with all five natural fruit acids, also called alphahydroxy acids or AHA. Natural Fruit Acids gently exfoliate the skin to allow newer, younger cells to come to the surface more quickly. The other ingredients in the skincare products used encourage the epidermal layer of the skin to grow which helps in the production of new healthy skin cells.


• 90 Minute Indian Clay Facial – $125

Add-On Option DURING your facial:

• Foot Massage (w/ Mary our massage therapist) – $35

Benefits of Natural Exfoliation

 Reverse Sun Damaged, Aging and Dry Skin

• Smoother, Softer, Moister, More Elastic Skin

 Even Colored Skin w/ Less Discoloration

 Reduced Oiliness & Far Fewer Breakouts

Indian Clay Facials

Lisa Cecelini, Lash Stylist

Lisa Ceselini, Skincare Professional
Lisa Ceselini is a trained, Skincare Professional. She is here to consult with you on the health of your skin. Give her a call today for information and a consultation: (530) 272-2557

Indian Clay Facials

The safe, natural, chemical-free exfoliation is unmatched by other esthetician services!

The Indian Clay Facial is one of the safest and most natural methods of exfoliation. The procedure does not use any machines, or chemicals/peels. The only “tools” used are a cream (made of only clay and water) and the esthetician’s fingertips. The technician spreads the cream over the area to be treated, using a featherlike touch.

Unlike most skin treatments, the Indian Clay Facial can be applied around the eyes and lips as well as the neck and neck line. The clay is sulfur-free and all-natural, making it completely safe for all skin types and ages. The clay is applied five to seven times in one service, which is not the case with other similar treatments (most other clays are only applied once as a masque, allowed to dry and then removed by the esthetician during a visit, because any more applications can irritate the skin). The Indian Clay Facial products we use at Cedar Ridge Salon are safe for everyone and multiple applications do not irritate the skin in any way.

Indian Clay Facial

Indian Clay Facials

Hair Coloring

We are hair color experts!

Hair Coloring

Talk to our expert colorists today! Get the perfect base color for your personal coloring and having your customized highlights just for your haircut, Balayage or Ombre Techniques. Our trained stylists can meet any of your coloring needs. We offer a variety of options including tone-on-tone, no-lift coloring that conditions the hair as it’s being colored, non-ammonia bleach, permanent color systems, high lift lighteners, color care conditioning boosters and Pravana Vivids Coloring Services

Cedar Ridge Salon hair colorists are highly trained in various cutting and coloring systems, and are dedicated to performing services to the complete satisfaction of all clients. All stylists at Cedar Ridge Salon are involved in consistent continuing education and take part in a regular education classes. Education is required to guarantee that the quality of work is excellent for our clients.

Salon Prices

Base prices are listed here. Exact prices will be determined during consultation.

Eyelash Extensions

Service Price
Full Volume Set
3 hours and over 100 lashes per eye.
Full Set (2.5 hours) $225
2 Week Fill (45 minutes) $55
3 Week Fill (1 hour) $65
4 Week Fill (1 hour) $75
Volume Fill (1 hour) $75
Transfer Client Fill (1 hour)
From another salon. First time only.

Indian Clay Facials

Service Price
90 Minute Indian Clay Facial $125
Foot Massage During Facial
w/ Mary, our Massage Therapist


Service Price
90 Minute Massage $95-135
60 Minute Massage $70-85
30 Minute Hand and/or Foot Massage $45


Service For Him For Her
Haircuts discounted with same day color services. Includes blow dry.
$30 $50
Beard Trim $10 N/A
12 and under. Does not include blow dry.
$25 $25

Hair Styling

Service For Her
Shampoo and Set $35
Shampoo and Blowdry and Style or Straightening $35
Wedding or Formal Up-Do $65
Prom or Semi-Formal Up-Do $65


Vivid and corrective services require individual price quotes.

Service For Him For Her
Full Color
One color only.
N/A $95
Root Touch-Up N/A $65
Full Highlight/Lowlight N/A $120
Partial Highlight/Lowlight N/A $90
Olaplex N/A $20
Each Additional Color N/A $15
Balayage/Ombré N/A Starting at
Men’s Color $55 N/A


Service For Him For Her
Perms $95 $95
Olaplex $35 $35

Special Treatments

Service For Her
Smoothing Systems Starts @
Malibu Well Water Treatment w/ Other Service $25
5-Week Conditioning Clear Gloss $55
Olaplex $45
Deep Conditioning Treatment $30
Deep Conditioning Treatment
Color Care Boosters w/ color service

Waxing & Threading

Service For Her
Brow Design $20
Brow Upkeep $12
Lip Wax $12
Brow and Lip Wax $20
Cheek Wax $20
Chin Wax $10
Full Face Wax $45