The Many Benefits of a Professional Massage

When was the last time you had a massage?

Massage therapy has benefits that have stood the test of time. People are constantly searching for new ways to slow down and relieve the stress of today’s busy schedules and demanding careers. The advantages of receiving regular massages go beyond a luxurious relaxation treatment; regular massages help boost your health and wellness.

Here are just a few of the many benefits massage has to offer:

Stress Relief: It is found that 90% of disease is stress related. Massage can help increase blood circulation, allowing more oxygen and nutrients it reach your body’s tissues. Which can lead to lower heart rates, blood pressure and overall health? It also helps reduce stress and anxiety by relaxing the mind and body. It can create a feeling of wellbeing and higher self-esteem.

Postural Stress Relief: Most individuals are dealing from some sort of postural stress from long lengths of sitting. Desk workers most commonly experience this. It can show up as pain or weakness in the low back and hips.

Improved Sleep: Massage can encourage restful sleep and helps those who are unable to comfortably sleep. 

Immunity Boost: Regular massage may help to strengthen the immune system by stimulating the Lymphatic system, the defender of the immune system.

Skin Benefits: Massage improves blood circulation, increases cell nutrition and encourages cell regeneration. It also improves elasticity of the skin.

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Mary Fox, Professional Massage Therapist

Professional Massage Therapist

Mary Fox is offering both light and deep tissue style massage at the Cedar Ridge Salon. She has been practicing for eighteen years from beach side getaways in Mexico to luxury resorts in Tahoe, and one of her favorite places, Sierra Hot Springs. Mary has also taught yoga for ten years. She enjoys helping clients feel relaxed and rejuvenated.